It’s time to Detox yourself to a healthier:

• Weight
• Mind
• Body

Detox with Detoxtime

When most of us think detox we think deprivation, hunger, weird food and colonics. We might feel better at the end, but is it really worth the pain and suffering?
The thing is, there’s a new kind of detox that’s all about delicious food which will jumpstart your health and re-boot your metabolism. It’s fun to do, makes you feel fabulous and you can do it in just 10 days.

The harmful effects of wrong foods (Processed, industrial, factory-made with toxins, chemicals, preservatives, metals and boatloads of sugar and flour) not only makes us struggle with weight and yo-yo diets, but completely derails our health. What’s worse is we blame ourselves for not being able to succeed at controlling our eating habits or cravings. Guilt leads to hopelessness which leads to failure.

Millions of us suffer from what we call ‘Feel Bad’ (FB) Syndrome, with annoying little symptoms such as achy joints or muscles, brain fog, fatigue, headaches, allergies or wind, or more serious problems such as obesity, autoimmune diseases, migraines, asthma, acne, irritable bowel, reflux, arthritis or worse.

When I use the word “detox” I mean a scientifically designed medical detox from harmful toxins, sugar, and all things that turn to sugar. The fun part is that it’s done simply by taking out the bad stuff and putting in the good stuff…lots of good stuff. No cravings, hunger or
Maybe we should call it the ‘Feel Good’ Plan!

6 Reasons You Need to Detox

1. You have ‘Feel Bad Syndrome’

You wake up feeling less than vital, vibrant, alive, joyful and full of energy.

Even if you are thin but have symptoms of being toxic like fatigue, brain fog, achiness, digestive issues, allergies, headaches—really any symptoms at all—the detox can help heal you quickly. Most of us don’t connect what we’re eating to how we feel.

In the 10 day ‘Feel Good Plan’ feeling good is only a few days away.

2. You can’t lose weight and keep it off (you want to fit into your jeans)

For years we have been taught that losing weight is just a matter of calories in/calories out, that it’s about energy balance, about eating less and exercising more. How’s that working out for you? Probably not so well!

New science however tells us sugar and flour calories are WAY different. First, they trigger addiction and overeating. Second, they spike insulin and inflammation, which makes you store belly fat and blocks your ability to feel full, guaranteed to mess up any attempt at long-term weight loss. The verdict is in: Sugar calories are worse than whole food calories.

3. You can’t control your sugar and carb cravings (you may be suffering from food addiction)

The fact is that sugar and flour are biologically addictive. The science behind it is clear and conclusive. Yet we blame the fat person for being a lazy glutton, which leads to shame and guilt. It’s not your fault!

The food industry is controlling your taste buds, brain chemistry, hormones and metabolism creating modern food junkies. Sugar is the new nicotine being eight times more addictive than cocaine. If you are trying to use willpower to lose weight you will fail. You have to use science to unhook yourself from the addictive power of sugar, flour and hyper-processed, hyper-palatable food-like substances.

4. You never have detoxed

Most of us have never in our life taken 10 days to put nothing in our bodies but delicious, whole clean food.

Just 10 days. Even if you think you are healthy and feel good, you may not realize that your normal state is not your optimal state.

Think of it as a tune-up, a super-quick, super-easy way to supercharge your health.

5. You need a ‘Time-Out’

All of us stray from living in a way that supports our health: too little sleep, too little exercise, too much bad food, too much stress, not enough time for ourselves. The best way to reset your life is a 10-day detox.

Simple, delicious foods. No toxins or drugs, by which I mean sugar, flour, processed foods, caffeine or alcohol.

Self-nurturing practices: deep breathing, sleeping 7-8 hours a night, a little exercise, self-love. All this works to restore balance to your body and mind and get them back to their original factory settings—and quickly!.

6. To slow down premature aging and improve skin quality

Detoxing rids the body of free radicals and heavy metals partially responsible for aging.

Detoxing helps to increase nutrient absorption, including antioxidants and vitamins that help fight oxidative stress, thereby improving the health of your skin slowing down the aging process, improving problem skin (Including acne), strengthening hair and nails, and giving our skin a natural, healthy glow.

Step 1 – 10 Day Detox ‘Feel Good Plan’

a. Detoxtime

Detoxtime kicks off your 10 day plan with 5 delicious juices per day. Each one of the five juices is strategically created with specific natural ingredients to be taken at different times of the day. Detoxtime introduces the nutrients and vitamins your body needs as it kicks out the bad stuff.

Detoxtime can be used for one, three or ten days of your 10 day detox, but also as a monthly ‘pick-me up’ detox to ensure your newly found ‘body balance’ is maintained.
(They are also delicious and great for daytime snacks!)

Purchased in store, by phone or on-line Detoxtime is the catalyst to ensuring your detox works for you.
For more information on detoxtime and the ‘10 Day Feel Good Plan’ see

b. Detox Diet Plan

The ‘How To’ guide of ‘Detoxing for a better Weight, Mind & Body’ sent direct to your email complete with recipes, tricks and tips.

Step 2 – ‘Mytime Reduce’ Program

If you’re serious about weight loss, reducing cellulite, improving muscle tone and body shape goal then Beautology’s ‘Myitme Reduce’ program is the next step to guide you along your way to feeling energetic, healthy and alive.

Mytime Reduce gives you a helping hand with state-of-the-art technology at a Beautology Medipsa with professional clinical treatments (Including endermologie, dermal roller, microcurrent, cavitation, laser, and much more!) supporting and guiding you with goal setting, detox, diet and exercise advice as well as progress checks to keep you on track and ensure that you will never again be ‘on your own’ when it comes to living the healthy life and having the body you want.

Book in for a free consultation by calling 0117 9500500 to learn more.

Each box contains 5 bottles:

1. alkalise

Ingredients: kale, grapefruit, apple

Each day of your detox begins with grapefruit to energise your system, burn excess fat, remove mucus build up and refresh the immune system through Vitamin C. The uplifting effect of kale which is rich in lutein, carotenoid and phytonutrients is a great kick start to the morning cleanse. ‘alkalise’ is a low calorie super-juice packed with extensive benefits.

2. mineralise

Ingredients: kale, broccoli, parsley, celery, coconut water, lemon

Next comes a juice with concentrated ‘minerals’ through greens, in particular intensive sulphur content provides key detoxifying and blood cleansing properties. The need to keep hydrated and oxygenated is very important when going through a detox cleanse, this is ensured through celery and coconut.

3. sanitise

Ingredients: wheatgrass, coriander, chlorella, aloe, cucumber, apple, lime

The critical removal of lead, mercury and other heavy metals and toxins from the body and blood is paramount, detoxtime achieves this through classic green combination. Airborne pollution containing strontium, barium and aluminium is also combatted with ‘sanitise’. Hydration is once again aided through coconut and a squeeze of fresh lime giving a refreshing and uplifting flavour.

4. metabolise

Ingredients: spinach, carrot, cucumber, celery, vanilla, coconut oil

The fourth super-juice of the day includes coconut oil which not only supplies the body with good fats the body is craving for, but also speeds up your ‘metabolism’ which aids the cleansing process. Liver cleansing is focused on through Vitamin A with the addition of carrots which increases liver detoxing enzymes. Vanilla brings a velvety, creamy and delicious taste to this power-packed combination.

5. stabilise

Ingredients: romaine, fennel, pear, courgette
Your cleansing day draws to an end with the need to relax and stabilize your system from the effects of such raw and natural goodness, the properties of which have been strategically put together for maximum detox results. Light greens calm your insides and fennel reduces gut activity resulting in improved sleep.

How will you keep it fresh?

detoxtime is not sold in supermarkets as the six-week+ shelf-life required by supermarkets is achieved through processes or additives (preservatives, colourings, sugars etc), that kill much of the nutrients and enzymes.
To ensure you get it fresh we use a freezing process which not only preserves the nutrients and enzymes but allows you to keep the produce in your freezer until you are ready to defrost and consume at your convenience.

How do you order?

Detoxtime is purchased in-store (at Beautology) in multiples of one day’s supply (5 x 250ml individual juices) for £15 per box.

  • 1 box of 5    (1 days worth) = £15
  • 3 boxes of 5 (3 days worth) = £45

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