Methods of Piercing

Beautology, Bristol's leading aesthetic clinic has ear and body piercing treatments which include both needle and gun methods.

Decorated ears and bodies can make a positive impact on a person's looks and can improve a person's self-identity.

Our fully trained specialists ensure professionalism, safety, sterilization levels and hygiene standards 

We can treat all ages, however, children under the age of 16 will need to provide parental consent and we do not pierce babies.



Piercing Range at Beautology in Bristol

piercing options bristol  Facial piercing options at Beautology in Bristol

Most areas of the ear, face and body can be pierced including: ear, brows, lips, nose, nipple, tongue and naval and include dermal implants and skin divers.

nose and tongue pierce bristol Nose and tongue piercing

belly button pierce bristol Belly button (naval) piercing

lip pierce bristol Lip piercing

Ear, Face and Body Piercing Prices at Beautology in Bristol

 REBEL - Face, Ear & Body Piercing
Treatment Prices Treatment Prices
Eyebrow piercing £25.00 Navel piercing £30.00
Transverse Eyebrow piercing £25.00 Inverse Navel piercing £30.00
Anti eyebrow piercing £25.00 Transverse Navel piercing £50.00
Earl or Bridge piercing £25.00 Nape piercing £35.00
Nose piercing £25.00 Hip piercing £30.00
Septum piercing £30.00 Sternum or Cleavage piercing £30.00
Monroe piercing £25.00 Nipple Piercing £30.00
Madusa piercing £25.00 Other surface piercings £30.00
Labret piercing £25.00    
Side Labret piercing £25.00    
Vertical Labret piercing £25.00 Ear lobe piercing 1 side £20.00
Snake bite piercings £40.00 Ear lobe piercing both sides £30.00
spider bite piercing £40.00 Transverse Lobe piercing £25.00
Angel bite piercing £40.00 Helix piercing £25.00
Cyber bite piercing £40.00 Foreward Helix piercing £25.00
Dolphin bite piercing £40.00 Tragus piercing £25.00
Canine bite piercing £60.00 Anti Tragus piercing £25.00
shark bite piercing £60.00 Conch piercing £30.00
Smiley piercing £30.00 Inner Conch piercing £30.00
Frowny piercing £30.00 Daith piercing £30.00
Tongue piercing £35.00 Rook piercing £30.00
Tongue venom piercing £60.00 Snug piercing £30.00
Transverse Tongue piercing £35.00 Orbital Piercing £30.00
Tongue Surface piercing £35.00 Cheek or Dimple £30.00
Tongue web piercing £35.00  Scaffold or Industrial piercing  £45.00


The Next Step - Piercing Consultation at Beautology in Bristol

If you are interested in having a piercing then book in for a piercing or consultation.





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