Careers at Beautology


Are you a positive, hard working individual with a passion for aesthetics? 

Perhaps you are out of work, in a job you are unhappy with or just bored?


Whatever the reason we all know that if we do what we’ve always done, we’ll get what we’ve always got! 

Changing your future for the better means finding a better opportunity.


At Beautology, we value our customers by passionately helping them achieve their aesthetic goals. We deliver this by proactively delivering great treatments and a caring service that get results.

We are committed to caring for our team and the clients we serve and achieve this by creating a progressive environment where people can flourish. We passionately foster a ‘can do’ culture where people are engaged and take ownership.

We are committed to building a fun-filled and happy workplace and make it our mission to be the industry’s most favourite place to work!


Before applicants are taken on, they will typically go through three interview stages that gauge their talent and cultural fit.


The first round is a phone interview with the recruitment manager, who assesses the candidate's qualifications, professional experience and passion for the industry.


The second interview takes place on site and includes a clinic tour, company overview, a ‘get to know you’ session and a Q & A with some of the team.

It's very much a two-way street: you can find out more about us, and we can find out more about you.


The remaining interview is subject to the role and department.

For example, an Aesthetician will go through a trade test, where a candidate will be asked to perform some basic treatments from within their qualifications giving the manager an opportunity sees a candidate’s touch, client care and basic skill-set.

All candidates are subject to hypothetical questions to test how they would respond on the job, as well as informative questions to test their industry knowledge — all of which ultimately test whether the person is right for Beautology.

Our favourite interview question is: "On your very best day at work — the day you come home and think you have the best job in the world — what did you do?"


Skin & Laser Practitioner Bristol BS6 7SD


Application, CV and covering letter

We receive many applications and with each and every one of these we ask for relevant details pertaining to the processing of your application. Please be assured we will confidentially store your information in line with relevant legislation and best practice.



These are Beutology’s Core Values, all of our staff exhibit these values and are measured by them.

  1. Can do, positive solutions-oriented attitude
  2. A Team Player
  3. Client focused
  4. Honest, open, transparent, integrity
  5. Will always Go the Extra mile
  6. Have a Personal development culture
  7. Hardworking & dedicated

If you think that you also exhibit these values then apply below



To apply for a current vacancy or to register your interest in a future role,

please send your CV and covering letter to



Not ready to apply yet, or don't see the job role which you are interested in at the moment, then register for our Job Alerts



To apply, please send your CV and Covering Letter to


Fill out the contact box

And our recruitment manager will be in touch.


Clinic Coordinator 
I have been with Beautology for over a year. During my time here they have been fantastic in ensuring a great work-life balance, which is something that is very important to me. Although I have set hours, the company are very flexible should I ever need time off.

There are some nice perks to working here which include discounts on treatments as well as products and on occasion you can be a model and receive some much needed pampering as part of your working day. 

The company is a family run business and the two owners are lovely, they have fantastic communication with all staff and really care about their team. It's very nice to see, especially as I have always worked for large corporations and just felt like a number. At the moment they are really trying to push everyone to increase their knowledge and skill set by taking staff members to seminars, bootcamps and other training activities. This has been very exciting and enjoyable as I always want to be constantly learning and developing. 

The job is very faced paced and extremely busy at times but it makes the day go by nice and quickly.

I love the company and the team and I am very proud to be working for such lovely employers.
work-life balance, fantastic team, caring employers, paid weekly
Not local to where I live
I love working for beautology.
I worked as a therapist and learned so many advanced treatments with them and I am now a clinic co ordinatior. 
They have a very bright future with expanding there company as well
Great people to work with and for.

* Individual results may vary from client to client and outcomes are not guaranteed.
Please speak to one of our experts about your goals and what you can expect from your treatment.

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