MYTIME Membership - You 'CAN' have it ALL!

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to afford all the non-surgical treatments that the rich & famous have? The good news is you can!

Wouldn’t it be great to have a gym style membership at an aesthetic clinic, so that I could have whatever treatment I wanted without the big price tag?

Wouldn’t it be fantastic to have a Beautologist who wasn’t always trying to sell me something as my membership meant that I could have ‘anything at all’?

Well now ‘You CAN have it all’ with Mytime CLUB Membership


Mytime Restore – Your Skin's Gym

Our skin is constantly changing and by our mid-20s, the ageing process has truly set in. Fueled by external and internal influences (Genetics, stress, UV light, dry air, diet and stimulants etc) the constant battle between our body's defences (Anti-oxidants) and the damaging free radicals intensifies resulting in seven changes in our skin.

1. Reduction of skin cells, elastin and collagen: Signs - Thinner skin (1% per yr), lines and wrinkles, eye bags, loose skin, drooping, reduced suppleness, volume and plumpness especially around the cheeks

2. Pigmentation changes: Signs - Age spots, sun spots, hyperpigmentation (darker), hypopigmentation (lighter), liver spots, dark spots, uneven skin tone, melasma, chloasma and dark shadows under the eyes

3. Texture changes: Signs – Coarse & rough skin, loss of luminosity, open pores, scars, pits and stretch-marks

4. Vascular changes: Signs - Broken veins (including spider veins), rosacea, reddening, blood spots

5. Loss of Muscle tone: Signs - Loss of contours and definition through gravity effect - Drooping, loose skin, jowls, double chin, eye-bags, overhanging eyelids and hollows under the eyes

6. Unbalanced skin: Signs - Problematic skin, acne, breakouts, blackheads, excess oil production, dryness and flaky skin

7. Imperfections on the skin: Signs - Blemishes, milia, skin tags, spots, excessive hair growth, warts


There are three main treatment types that combat the above seven changes to the skin:-

Treatment 1: RESURFACE the Epidermis to remove the dead skin cells and rejuvenates the cell renewal

Treatments include: skin peels, microdermabrasion, ablative lasers

Treatment 2: STIMULATE the Dermis triggers the body’s NATURAL healing process – Increasing the production of skin cells, collagen, and elastin

Treatments include: Laser, Dermal Rollers, IPL, Radio Frequency, Ultrasound, Skin Peels, Dermal Fillers

Treatment 3: RE-TRAIN the Muscles to tighten, tone, lift and strengthen the facial muscle structure

Treatments include: Microcurrent, Galvanic, Faradic, Radio Frequency, Ultrasound, Massage

All three treatments are required to overcome the seven changes to your skin. The only single treatment that offers you all three treatments is:

Mytime Restore - a 70 minute appointment containing ANY treatments or technologies required to help you achieve your aesthetic goals and have younger, flawless and problem-free skin.

 Contact us >    or       Call: 01172 900 000

This genuine alternative to plastic surgery is your Skin's Gym (offering extra-ordinary value) - a membership Club scheme whereby you receive a clinical skin treatment every month with t access to any treatments normally had only by the rich and famous (eg. Laser, IPL, derma rollers, skin peels, radio frequency, ultrasound and micro-current) at a fraction of the normal price.

Because Mytime Restore treatments are tailored to your skin, the results are strikingly powerful. There’s no more guesswork, no compromise, no trying to make it work and no more ‘fitting the budget’. Each Mytime Restore is made just for you and the results are clear.


To learn more about the levels of membership book a free consultation and get all your questions answered. Contact us >


Remember with Mytime Restore ‘You can have it all…’ 


 Contact us >    or       Call: 01172 900 000

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