Beautology Treatment Price List


Level 1 Skin Treatment

ILLUMINATING SPA FACIAL (65mins) an indulgent bespoke relaxing facial treat full of delicious smells of essential oils and nutrients including back, hand and arm massage £75
SIGNATURE FACIAL (50 mins) vitamin infused treatment to nourish brighten & lighten skin Suitable for sensitive rosacea dry/ dehydrated and environmentally damaged skin £70
CLARIFYING FACIAL A purifying treatment suitable for oily, acne & teenage skin £70
DERMA RENEW (50mins) a deep cleansing, resurfacing treatment based on natural AHA THAT IS DERIVED FROM blueberries oranges lemons and sugar cane £70
DIAMOND TIP MICRODERMABRASION instant skin resurfacing and deep cleansing. Skin is left feeling soft smooth and glowing.  
Face £57 Face + Neck £72 Face, Neck + Decoll £88
NON SURGICAL FACE LIFT micro current stimulates the facial muscles, giving a lifting, firming effect. Skin looks youthful plumped and radiant.  
Eye-lift £39 Ultimate Eye-lift £56 Face + Neck £58 Face, Neck + Decoll £72
LED FACIAL ( light emitting diode) LED light stimulates the skin to refresh itself by supercharging the cells and speeding up the repair mechanisms. Can be used to address a number of skin concerns including ageing, acne and pigmentation. £57


Level 2 Skin Treatment

CLINICAL COUTURE LIFT PEELS A range of bespoke results driven facial peels combining the most innovative and effective products to: Resurface, Rebuild, Realance & Revitalize the skin  
Suitable for all skin types including ageing, oily, problematic, unbalanced, congested, sun damaged, rosacea, dehydration, sensitive & dull looking skin.  

Clinical Couture Lift Peel (40mins)

Derma Renew Lift Peel (65mins)

Ormedic Peel (Non Chemical) suitable during pregnancy (40mins)

Eye Zone Peel (35 mins)






Level 3 Skin Treatment

CLINICAL COUTURE DESIGNER LIFT PEEL + (50mins). Our advanced professional peel to address your personal skin needs for advanced wrinkles, aggressive acne & advanced sun damage £135
RADIO FREQUENCY RF energy heats skin tissue and stimulates sub dermal collagen production improving skin laxity, resulting in a more youthful plumper tighter skin.  
Face £135 Face+Neck £175
Face+Neck+Decollete £195
TRANSDERMAL THERAPY is a non injectable mesotherapy which uses transdermal delivery of Hyaluronic Acid, plant stem cells and vitamins to produce a firmer more radiant skin.  
Face £135 Face+Neck £175
Face+Neck+Decoll £195


Level 4 Skin Treatment


CORAL FACIAL PEEL (60mins). A combination of marine plants, minerals & salts to resurface the skin with minimal trauma, giving visible improvements to all skin conditions. £175
NLITE V LASER Proven results for treatment for: Acne, acne scarring, skin rejuvenation.  
Eye Zone £130 Hands £150 Face £240 Face+ Neck £255
Vascular & Birthmarks: Small £130 Medium £180 Large £235
IPL PHOTO REJUVENATION - IPL (Intense Pulse Light) is a technology used to perform aesthetic skin photo rejuvenation which treats pigmentation, sun damage, thread veins and scarring. £175
DERMAL ROLLER (micro needling) known as Collagen Therapy. Dermal Roller is a cosmetic procedure which uses very short needles, that are rolled over the skin, this technique helps to promote collagen which as a tightening plumping effect on the skin, improves scarring (Incl .Stretchmarks) and reduces pore size.  
Eye Zone or Back of Hands £120 Half Face £185 Face £225 Face + Neck £245 Decollete£245
Face, Neck + Decollete£265 Body Scarring & Stretchmarks £225 (Additional areas £95/area)
ADVANCED ELECTROLYSIS Cauterization of skin imperfections on face and body  
Millia, blood spots, skin tags: Small-£60 Medium-£95 Large-£145
Warts, capillaries, anginomas: Small £70 Medium £110 Large £150
LASER - Face and Body Veins, Capillaries, Pigmentation, single & multiple large Warts, Verrucas  
Small £95 Medium £135 Large £175




Level 5  Skin Treatments

HIFU – HIGH INTENSE FOCUSED ULTRASOUND delivers ultrasound energy to predetermined depths in the dermis and sub dermal tissue. Neocollagenesisand tissue contraction occurs in the months after treatment creating a tightening and lifting effect without surgery “Celebrity Favourite“

Under Chin or Lower Eye bag or Glabella £250   Brow Lift or Jawline or Neck £375   
Cheeks £425   Decollete £445   Ultimate Eye Lift £500   Lower Face £595   
Lower Face+Neck £695   Upper Face £795   Ultimate Face £995   Face+Neck £1095   
Face+Neck+Decollete £1295Under Chin or Lower Eye bag or Glabella £250   Brow Lift or Jawline or Neck £375
Cheeks £425   Decollete £445   Ultimate Eye Lift £500   Lower Face £595   Lower Face+Neck £695
Upper Face £795   Ultimate Face £995   Face+Neck £1095   Face+Neck+Decollete £1295

MESOTHERAPY - micro-injections of active ingredients improves cellular metabolism, rejuvenates, tightens and revitalises ageing skin

Double Chin or Eyes £85   Backs of Hands or Face £135
Face+Neck or Decollete £155   Face+Neck+Decollete £21
BIO-REVITALISATION - micro-injections introduce small doses of hyaluronic acid into the dermis. Designed especially for deep rehydration and helps restore radiance and elasticity to the skin
Eyes £90   Face or Decollete £150   Face & Neck £190   Face, Neck & Decollete £250
Eyes £90   Face or Decollete £150   Face & Neck £190   Face, Neck & Decollete £250
DERMA PEN (New!)  is an advanced mechanical micro needling treatment which is used to improve signs of ageing, scarring, wrinkles, stretch marks with minimum downtime
Eye Zone £130   Face £245   Face + Neck £265
Decollete £265 Face, Neck + Decollete£285


Level 6 Skin Treatments

MUSCLE RELAXING INJECTIONS  Designed to relax facial muscles reducing lines and wrinkles.£189 (Top up £125)

Areas: Glabella (between the eyebrows), crows feet, forehead, upper lip, chin, around the  mouth.

Number of areas:  1 - £175
  2 - £245
  3 - £295


DERMAL FILLERS Instant Re-fresh. A natural line of products to plump out lines and wrinkles on face, neck,  hands and décolleté. Perfect lip, cheek , jaw and nose volumizer too.  

From:  £195



Permanent Hair Reduction for the Face & Body


Tier (Treatment prices are per area)

1. Glabella (Between Eyebrows) or Earlobes or Nose £45
2. Lip or Small Chin or Navel Line or Nipples or Cheekbones £69
3. Large Chin or Underarms or Standard Bikini or Hands+Fingers or Feet+Toes £89
4. Lip+Chin or Chin+Jawline or Extended Bikini or Shoulder Blades              £114
5. Brazilian or Lower Arms or Upper Arms or Abdomen or Shoulders or Upper Lip+Chin+Jawline £144  
6. Chest or Buttocks or Beard/Half Face or Half Back or Hollywood+Peri Anal or Bikini+ Underarms £155
7. Hollywood+Underarms or Full Face or Lower Legs or Upper Legs £195
8. Full Back or Full Arms or Full Face+Neck                                £239
9. Full Leg or Full Back+Shoulders or Abdomen+Chest+Shoulders   £285  
10. Full Body  
a. Women’s Full Body (Excludes Face) – Includes Full Legs, Full Arms, Any Bikini, Navel Pubis, Peri-anal, Underarms  £579
b. Women’s Full Body + Face – Includes Full Face, Half Legs (Upper or Lower), Half Arms (Upper or Lower), Any Bikini Line, Navel Pubis, Peri-anal, Underarms  £579

c. Men’s Body – Includes Chest, Abdomen, Navel Pubis, Full Back,  Shoulders, Upper Arms

11. Ultimate Full Body  
a. Women’s Ultimate Full Body – Includes Full Face, Neck, Chest, Abdomen, Navel Pubis, Full Back, Shoulders, Arms, Underarms, Full Legs, Buttocks, Any Bikini Line, Peri-anal  £749
b. Men’s Ultimate Full Body – Includes Chest, Abdomen,  Navel Pubis, Full  Back, Shoulders, Full Arms, Underarms, Full Legs, Any Bikini Line, Peri-anal £749

Special course prices are available for a minimum of 6 sessions.



Permanent Hair Reduction for the Face & Body


Hairs are individually treated on any area of the face  & body (Consultation required)

Up to: 5 mins £16.50
10 mins £18.50
15 mins £24.50
20 mins £31.50
25 mins £38.00
55 mins £69.00



Semi Permanent Cosmetic Tattooing


Treatment Name



Consultation and patch test



SPM Eyebrows

2.5 hours


Top Up

1-2 hours


Microstrokes Eyebrows



Top Up



Daytimer Eyeliner Thin

2.5 hours


Evening Eyeliner Thicker

2.5 hours


Top Up

1-1.5 hours


Roots (in between the hairs)



Top Up



Lip Liner (Just the contour)

2 hours



1.5-2 hours


Lip Liner and blush shading

2.5 hours



1.5-2 hours


SPM Removal

1-1.5 hours

Starting Price £100

Semi-Permanent Skin Foundation (New 2020!)

B.B. GLOW a safe & intensive skin treatment that can assist in the reduction of the appearance of freckles & lightening of your skin. It also helps  with skin discolouration caused by acne, sun damage & age spots £225



Laser Tattoo Removal

Advanced Q –Switch Ruby Laser

Lasers are used to fade your tattoo away safely and effectively on all shapes and sizes. (All areas)

Very Small (1-3cm x 1-3cm) £75
Small (3-8cm x 3-8cm)  £95
Medium (8-15cm x 8-15cm) £155
Large (15-20cm x 15-20cm) £195
Extra Large (20-25cm x 20-25cm)  £250
Additional areas to Extra Large 50% Off



Level 1 Slimming, Cellulite & Tightening Treatments

ULTIMATE BODY TONING using a combination of micro currents to improve skin and muscle tone and reduce inches
Single Treatment: 30 mins £65 50 mins £80
Course of 10: 30 mins £600 50 mins £750


Level 2 Slimming, Cellulite & Tightening Treatments

ENDOMOLOGIE ( LPG)  pressurised deep tissue and lymphatic draining massage which helps to re sculpt the bodies contours, improve the appearance of cellulite and localised fat, tones the skin and reduces inches!
Single Treatment: 30 mins £60 50 mins £80
Course of 10: 30 mins £550 50 mins £700


CAVITATION  non surgical body shaping and cellulite treatment using Ultrasound wave therapy 

Single Treatment: 1 Area: 20 mins £83 2 Areas: 40 mins £105 3 Areas: 60 mins £125
Course of 5: 20 mins £350 40 mins £450 60 mins £550
Course of 10: 20 mins £650 40 mins £800 60 mins £900


Level 3 Body Treatments

RADIO FREQUENCY  A non invasive body contouring and skin tightening aesthetic treatment  using radio frequency waves to improve collagen and elastin production

1 Area: £135 2 Areas: £175 3 Areas: £195


Level 4 Body Treatments

CRYOLYPOLISIS ( Fat Freezing) offers  a proven & effective solution to stubborn pockets of fat on areas  of the body  such as  muffin tops, stomach, bingo wings, double chins, fatty knees

1 Area (Cup) £250 2 Areas (Cups) £350  3 Areas £450 4 Areas £550


LASER LIPOLYSIS (Laser LIPO) is a minimally invasive procedure that uses heat from a Diode Laser to remove body fat, which is resistant to diet or exercise

Single Treatment £95 Course of 5 : £430 Course of 10: £800


BODY MICRO NEEDLING (Dermal Roller) skin rejuvenation treatment which increases collagen production and helps improve cellulite and skin tightening

Single Treatment £225 Additional Areas £95/area


Level 5 Body Treatments

HIFU (High Intense Focus Ultrasound) non invasive target driven treatment using high intense ultrasound waves which has a lifting and tightening effect on the skin and contours

Single Areas: Decolletage, arms, full abdomen £399 per area
Upper/lower abdomen £249
Front/back of thighs £299
Full thighs £499

(discount available for multiple areas)

VOLTAIC PLASMA (COMING IN 2020!)  A plasma spark vaporises superficial skin tissue leaving a carbon crust  which naturally drops off over a few days . When repeated over the area of concern the skin is left tighter and firmer with amazing results previously only achieved by surgery.

Areas: 1 - £499 2 – £699 3 areas – £799




Spa Treatments For Your Body Relaxation

(Using pre-blended aromatherapy oils)

RELAXATION MASSAGE Focusing on smooth, flowing movements this massage is great for those who want to de-stress and unwind. It is also great for general well-being and leaves you feeling calm and relaxed. 

30 mins £38 60 mins £50


DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE Great for relieving chronic muscle tension, this massage focuses on the deeper layers of muscle tissue which requires more pressure during the massage. It reduces muscular pain, increases blood flow and helps to get rid of toxins.

30 mins £45 60 mins £58


MOTHER TO BE MASSAGE This massage provides relaxation by helping relieve stress from joints and muscle tension. It also improves circulation and aids the lymphatic system which helps with swelling.

30 mins £45 60 mins £58


HOT STONE MASSAGE Using heated stones to smooth over the body, this massage promotes deeper muscle relaxation. This treatment melts away tension and increases circulation around the body.

  60 mins £70



Beauty Treatments


Eyebrow Shape £14 Eyebrow Wax £14 
Eyebrow Tint £13 Eye Lash Tint £18 Eye Lash & Eyebrow Tint £26



Spa Manicure (60 mins) £38  Male Manicure (60 mins) £36
Gel polish:  Gel Polish £32  Remove & Redo £38 Gel Removal £12



Pedicures:  Spa Pedicure (65 mins) £42 Male Pedicure (65 mins) £42
Gel polish:  Gel Polish £34    Remove & Redo £40 Gel Removal £12


WAXING HAIR REMOVAL (For full waxing price range please ask at reception) 

Strip & Roller Wax Underarms £12 Forearms £16 Full Arms £20
Full Back Or Chest & Abs £29 Full Back & Chest & Abs £41
Lip or Chin £9  Lip & Chin £15
Bikini £13.50 Ext Bikini   £19 Brazilian £28 Hollywood £35
1/2 legs £22.50 & Bikini £25
Brazilian £41  & Hollywood £44
Full legs £29.50 & Bikini £37.50 & Brazilian £49  & Hollywood £55


Hot Wax (Organic) 

Bikini £19 Extended Bikini £24 Brazilian £30 Hollywood £40
Eyebrow £14 Lip or Chin £11 Lip + Chin £19  Underarm £18




Spray Tan (Xen Tan)  Full Body Tan £30 Half Body (upper body or legs) £20  Face Tan £10




Ear Lobes (Includes earrings) 

1 for £25 2 for £35

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COVID 19 Beautology Notice - 4th May 2020


I’m sure you are aware that plans are being made by the government for staged reductions of the Lock-down restrictions in the coming weeks and months, so the Beautology team’s attention has turned toward towards planning for FREEDOM DAY!

When the time is right and in accordance with Government guidelines, Beautology will re-open with:

  1. Procedures and PPE for the health and safety of all clients and staff
  2. A staged progression towards ‘normality’ with:
    • A reduced work-force
    • Reduced ‘opening times’

With the above in mind and the fact that we have already had lots of requests to start treatments as soon as possible we thought it best to open a ‘waiting list’ for all those who are eager to start or resume their aesthetic treatments as soon as possible.

All you need to do is fill in the details below and you will be one of the first to be contacted get your booking made, as opposed to being ‘the last to know’!

Take care and stay safe
The Beautology Family

We can also send you updates as to what’s happening at Beautology during Lock-down
i.e. Please see our brand new online shop with our fantastic new product ranges that we have on board –

FREEDOM Waiting List

Add your details and we will give you a call as soon as the Diary is Re-opened.