Beautology Treatment Price List

 RESTORE Face – Skin Treatments For The Face

Our skincare treatments are suitable for both men and women and incorporates only the highest pharmaceutical grade ingredients and latest technology for unparalleled clinical results PARABEN FREE (Image, Holyland, Christina)

Prices are for the face or decollete areas unless otherwise stated

Please note: Prices displayed are for Single Treatments - discounts are available for courses, please speak to your therapist for more information.

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Organic Spa Facial (65mins) Relaxing facial treatment packed with essential oils & nutrients Includes back, hand and arm massage (all skin types)     £65
Signature Facial (50mins) Vitamin infused treatment to nourish brighten lighten skin. Suitable for sensitive, rosacea, dry/dehydrated and environmentally damaged skin    £65
Clarifying Facial (50 mins) Suitable for oily, acne prone and teenage skin  £65
Derma Renew (50mins) A deep cleansing resurfacing treatment based on natural AHA that are derived from blueberries, oranges, lemons and sugar cane. Renewing and rejuvenating (all skin types) £65
Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion Skin resurfacing to instantly remove dead skin cells and deep cleanse the skin    
- Face £60
- Face + Neck £70
- Face, Neck + Decollete £85
Non Surgical Facelift (35mins) Skin Gym for the face, tightens and tones facial muscles  
- Eye Lift (20 mins) £38
- Face + Neck (35 mins) £55
- Face, Neck + Decollete (50 mins) £65
Derma Renew Lift Peel (65mins) Peeling based on AHA and Retinol (vitamin A) renews repairs and corrects. Excellent for aging and acne £95
Signature Lift Peel (40mins) Results driven treatment combines Vit C, AHA and enzymes. Botanical detoxifying helps rosacea, redness, sensitive & dry skin   £90
Ormedic Lift Peel (40mins) Re-balance tired stressed dull looking skin (non-chemical peel) suitable during pregnancy   £90
Lightening Lift Peel (40mins) A combination of Kojic acid and a cocktail of lightening and brightening agents to reduce pigmentation and redness  £90
Wrinkle Lift Peel (40mins) Glycolic & Retinol resurfacing treatment exfoliates dead surface skin cells leaving  skin firmer and visibly reducing the appearance of fine lines £90
Acne Lift Peel (40mins) A Beta-hydroxy acid cocktail reduces and treats all levels of acne while resurfacing and smoothing the skin   £90
Eye Zone Peel (35 mins) Rejuvenating, detoxifying, tightening and lifting treatment for the eyes   £50
Lightening Lift Peel + (50mins) Results driven treatment combining Kojic, Lactic Acid and innovative and effective botanical brighteners, (luminescence and seashine) Tyronase inhibitors to achieve the ultimate lightening and brightening for brown/sunspots, pigmentation  £125
Wrinkle Lift Peel + (50mins) Ultra resurfacing blend of glycolic and retinol, stem cells, peppermint, eucalyptus and ylang ylang, diminishes photo-ageing and visibly reducing fine lines and wrinkles     £125
Acne Lift Peel + (50mins) A potent blend of alpha and Beta hydroxy acid (salicylic) blended with lilac plant derived stem cells reduce blemishes, redness and diminish post breakouts dark spots      £125
Radio Frequency Facial (60mins) RF energy heats skin tissue and stimulates subdermal collagen production improving skin elasticity and reducing fine lines and wrinkles £125
Ultrasonic Facial (60mins) a skin tightening, rejuvenating, non- surgical sound wave treatment that counteracts theeffects of time and gravity on the skin, with immediate results      £125 
Coral Peel Combination of marine plants, minerals and salts, to resurface the skin with minimal skin trauma bringing visible improvement to all skin conditions (Any age or skin colour) £175
Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)
IPL Photo Facial: Intense Pulsed Light technology for skin rejuvenation: stimulates collagen & treats acne and redness   
IPL for Pigmentation:
(Suitable for Hands, Fore-arms, Face, Decollete, Neck, Shoulders, Upper Back):

Very Small £65
Small £95
Medium £125
Large £175

Dermal Roller (Micro-needling) (60 mins)
Skin needling to stimulate the synthesis & production of collagen & elastin (Serum infused) Suitable for anti-aging, pigmentation, scarring & acne pitting

Eye Zone £120  
Half Face £185   
Face £225   
Face + Neck £245  
Decollete £245    
Face, Neck + Decollete £265

Nlite V Laser FDA approved and recognized world-wide for effective results on:  
Acne or Acne Scars Face £225
Skin Rejuvenation

Eye Zone £120  
Hands £140
Face £225

Vascular Birthmarks

Small £125  
Medium £175
Large £225

Diathermy - Cauterization of the blood supply by Diathermy (Electric current passed down a tiny probe which is inserted into the skin concern) Milia, Skin Tags blood spots, Campbell de Morgan Spots

Small £60
Medium £95
Large £135

Warts, veins, capillaries, anginomas 

Small £70
Medium £110
Large £150

Warts, Verrucaes, Veins & Blood Spots, Pigmentation

Small £95
Medium £130
Large £175

Bio-revitalization Micro-injections introduce small doses of hyaluronic acid into the dermis. Designed specifically for deep rehydration, restoring radiance & elasticity to the skin Eyes £90  
Face or Decollete £150  
Face + Neck £190  
Face, Neck + Decollete £250 


Injectable treatment to relax facial muscles reducing lines & wrinkles for the:
Glabella (between the eyebrows), crows feet, forehead, upper lip, chin and around the mouth

1 Area £175
2 Areas £275
3 Areas £355

Dermal Fillers Injection of filler to plump up lines and wrinkles prices 
(Prices vary upon filler type and amount used – discussed at a consultation)
from £195
Hyperhidrosis Injection of Botox to stop excess sweating in the armpit £395
Mesotherapy A series of micro-injections of active substances of minerals, vitamins, amino acids, hyaluronic acid which improves cellular metabolism and rejuvenates, tightens & revitalizes an aging skin Double Chin or Eyes £80  
Back of Hands or Face £130  
Face & Neck, or Decollete £150  
Face,  Neck + Decollete £200


 RESTORE Body – Skin Treatments On/For The Body      

Please note: Prices displayed are for Single Treatments - discounts are available for courses, please speak to your therapist for more information.

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Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion Hands £50 (20 mins) 
Back or Chest £90 (35mins)
Back + Chest  £120 (45mins)
Body Peel:  Target driven treatment with active ingredients to treat all levels of acne, scarring and pigmentation     
Chest, Arms, Upper Back, Lower Back

£95 per Area

Dermal Roller (Micro-needling): Skin Rejuvenation Hands


Scarring, Stretch Marks

One area £225
Additional Areas £85/Area

Nlite V Laser: Skin Rejuvenation: Hands £140
Acne or Acne Scarring

Back or Chest £245
Back + Chest £275

Birthmarks: Small £125  
Medium £150  
Large £175


 REMOVE - Permanent Hair Removal

 Laser Permanent Hair Removal Choose one area from a Tier.

Please note: Prices displayed are for Single Treatments - discounts are available for courses, please speak to your therapist for more information.

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Tier 1  
Glabella (Between eyebrows); Earlobes; Nose £45
Tier 2  
Lip; (Small) Chin; Navel Line; Nipples; Cheekbones £66
Tier 3  
Chin (Large); Underarms; Standard Bikini; Hands (+ Fingers); Feet (+ Toes) £85
Tier 4  
Lip + Chin; Chin + Jawline; Extended Bikini; Shoulder Blades  £109
Tier 5  
Brazilian; Lower Arms; Upper Arms; Abdomen; Shoulders; Upper Lip, Chin + Jawline      £139
Tier 6  
Chest; Buttocks; Beard/ Half Face; Half Back; Hollywood (Inc Peri Anal); Bikini & Underarms £149
Tier 7  
Hollywood & Underarms; Full Face; Lower Leg; Upper Legs £189
Tier 8  
Full Back; Full Arms; Full Face & Neck (Front); Hollywood & Underarms £239
Tier 9  
Full Leg; Full Back & Shoulders; Abdomen, Chest & Shoulders     £279
Tier 10  
a. Woman's Full Body (Excludes Face) - Includes: Full Legs, Full Arms, Any Bikini, Navel Pubis, Peri-anal, Underarms £566
b. Woman's Body & Face — Includes: Full Face, Half Legs (Upper or Lower), Half Arms (Upper Or Lower), Any Bikini Line, Navel Pubis, Peri-anal & Underarms £566
c. Men's Body - Includes Chest, Abdomen, Navel Pubis, Full Back, Shoulders, Upper Arms                          £566
Tier 11  
a. Woman's Ultimate Full Body - Includes Full Face, Neck, Chest, Abdomen, Navel Pubis, Full Back, Shoulders, Arms, Underarms, Full Legs, Buttocks, Any Bikini Line & Peri-anal £733
b. Men's Ultimate Full Body - Includes Chest, Abdomen, Navel Pubis, Full Back, Shoulders, Full arms, Underarms, Full Legs, Buttocks, Any Bikini Line & Peri-anal £733


Electrolysis Hair Removal

Please note: Prices displayed are for Single Treatments - discounts are available for courses, please speak to your therapist for more information.

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Up To: single
5 mins £15.50
10 mins £17.50
15 mins £23
20 mins £30
25 mins £38
40 mins £53
55 mins £68


 REDEFINE - Permanent Make-Up & Micro-Blading
(Top up treatments to be performed 1-3 months after the primary procedure)
Eyebrows Microblading  (Manually operated) Semi-Permanent Make-up (Machine operated)  
Simulations 1 Payment 2 Payments 1 Payment 2 Payments
Service Type   2 treatments 2 Treatments 2 treatments 2 Treatments
Hair by Hair £325 £200 + £150 £300 £200 + £125
Colour Mist £325 £200 + £150 £300 £200 + £125
Hair+Colour Mist Combo £425 £300 + £150 £300 £200 + £125

Gorgeous Eyes:

Subtle Eyelash Enhancement: Upper or lower £130 (Top Up £60)   Upper & Lower £200 (Top Up £100) 
Daytime Eyeliner Upper or Lower £150 (Top Up £80)   Upper & Lower £250 (Top Up £100)
Latino Liner(Thick eyeliner with tail) £275 (Top Up £125)
Beautiful Lips:    
Lip Line (Natural or defined) £200 (Top Up £100)
Lip Line & Blush Shading £250 (Top Up £100)
Full Lip Tint £300 (Top Up £100)
Beauty Spot £50 (Top Up £25)
Tattoo Removal

From £75
(Price is dependent upon area)

Fuller Hairline Microblading  (Manually operated)   Semi-Permanent Make-up (Machine operated)
Simulations 1 Payment 2 Payments 1 Payment 2 Payments
Service Type 2 treatments 2 Treatments 2 treatments 2 Treatments
Hair by Hair £550 £450 + £125 £500 £420 + £125

 Follow up treatments: 1-9 months after top up treatment – 50% Discount
                                10-16 months after top up treatment – 25% Discount


 REGRET - Laser Tattoo Removal    
Very Small Area - 1-3cm x 1-3cm   from £70 Large Area - 15-20cm x 15-20cm  from £195
Small Area - 3-8cm x 3-8cm        from £95 Extra Large Area- 20-25cm x 20-25cm  £250
Medium Area - 8-15cm x 8-15cm     from £155 Additional Areas to Extra Large 50% off  
(Discount available for course purchases*)  

Please note: Prices displayed are for Single Treatments - discounts are available for courses, please speak to your therapist for more information.

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 REDUCE  - Slimming, Cellulite & Body Contouring Treatments

Reduce treatments can be booked individually, however for optimum and lasting results, we recommend a course followed by a monthly maintenance treatment

Body Ultimate A combination of micro-currents to improve muscle tone and reduce inches 

Maintenance: 30 mins £65 50 mins £80        

LPG Endermologie mechanical deep tissue and lymphatic draining massage to target fat cells, smooth the appearance of cellulite, tone the skin, re-sculpt the body and improve circulation.

Maintenance: 30 mins £60 50 mins £80

Cavitation Ultra sound waves break down stubborn fatty cells and increase penetration of active ingredients into the deeper cells, reducing fat and inch loss     1 Area £80 (20 Mins)

Maintenance: 1 Area £80 (20 Mins)  2 Areas £100 (40 Mins) 3 Areas £120 (60 Mins) 

Personalized Reduce Package by our Body Therapists     2 courses: 15% Off            3 courses: 20% Off


 RELAX - Spa Treatments

Spa Treatments For Your Body Relaxation (Using pre-blended aromatherapy oils)

Relaxation Massage                                                                                30 mins £38

60 mins £50

Deep Tissue Massage                                                                              30 mins £45

60 mins £58

Mother To Be Massage                                                                           30 mins £45 60 mins £58
Hot Stone Massage                                                                         60 mins £70

(Discount available for course purchases*)




 RESTYLE - Beauty Treatments
For Your Eyes      
Eyebrow Shape/Wax £13 Eyebrow Tint £13 Eye Lash Tint £18 Eye Lash & Eyebrow Tint £26
For Your Hands       
Spa Manicure (60 mins) £38    Male Manicure (60 mins)  £36  
Shellac:                         Gel Polish £32  Remove & Redo £38  Gel Removal £12
For Your Feet       
Spa Pedicure (65 mins) £42     Male Pedicure (65 mins) £42  
Shellac:   Gel Polish £34 Remove & Redo £40 Gel Removal £12


Waxing Hair Removal
For full waxing price range please ask at reception.

Strip & Roller Wax          
Underarms £12 Forearms £16 Full Arms £20  
Full Back Or Chest & Abs  £29  Full Back & Chest & Abs  £41    
Lip or Chin £9 Lip & Chin  £15    
Bikini  £13.50 Ext Bikini  £19 Brazilian £28 Hollywood  £35
Male: Bikini  £36 Brazilian £50 Hollywood  £62
1/2 legs  £22.50 & Bikini £25 & Brazilian £41 & Hollywood £44
Full legs   £29.50  & Bikini £37.50  & Brazilian £49 & Hollywood £55

Hot Wax (Organic)

Bikini £19  Extended Bikini £24 Brazilian £40 Hollywood £40
Eyebrow £14 Lip or Chin £11 Lip + Chin £19 Underarm £18


For Bronzing      
Spray Tan (Xen Tan)  Full Body Tan £30

Half Body

(upper body or legs) £20

Face Tan £10


 REBEL - Ear Piercing
Treatment Prices Treatment Prices
Ear lobe piercing 1 side £25.00 Ear lobe piercing both sides £35.00

* Individual results may vary from client to client and outcomes are not guaranteed.
Please speak to one of our experts about your goals and what you can expect from your treatment.

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