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The treatment I'm having with Beautology has changed my life in terms of my confidence. Beautology is in a beautiful building in which you are made to feel pampered and looked after. Joanna is fantastic and makes everything as easy and enjoyable as possible.
Thanks for everything!


I have always been impressed by the professionalism of the practitioners, the speed with which they return calls and the care that staff give to you as a customer, listening to your requests and suggesting treatments, if necessary.

I am more than happy to recommended Beautology to others and now have a number of my friends using you too

Thank you x


I always knew the salon had a good reputation but thought it a bit pricey. My first treatment was because I saw newby's got a free 2nd treatment!!

Ive been sold on the salon ever since though I do come infrequently due to time and finances....

The treatments I've had - manly facials have met my expectations was even given expert advice that the type I wanted

I was advised that Microdermabrasion wouldn't be suitable - this was during a waxing treatment but the therapist picked this information up.

Waxing also excellent result!

Laser Hair Removal

I cannot say enough positive things about Beautology.

I have been a loyal client for many years now and have always been impressed with the highly professional staff and fantastic treatments.

Skin Care

I have been coming to Beautology for almost a year. I have found their service to efficient and friendly. The therapists are more like old friends who make you feel special and you leave feeling good about yourself. 

I would not hesitate in making recommending the salon to anyone or any age group. The therapist I see regularly has good advice about the treatments I have and makes me feel that I can trust her and what she suggests. I like the fact that they don\'t try and sell things to me that I don\'t need or want and this makes me feel that they have interests at heart when I go to the salon. A great place, with a good team..

Skin Care

I first went to Beautology back in 2009. Under the strain of planning my wedding, my skin had taken a turn for the worst. I had a course of microdermabrasion and was so pleased with the results! I learnt that the treatments are not as scary as they may sound and having Karen to explain what my options were really helped.

I've since been back to Beautology for different skin care courses. My husband treats me on my birthday and at Christmas time now. Fresh, healthy skin is best present a girl can have in my view! 

I always recommend Beautology to my friends. I know I am in safe hands and I know I\'ll always be given the right treatment for my needs.

Before using the services of Beautology I can only describe myself as being lightly covered in Dark Brown/Black hair.

I have had laser treatment on some areas which has been quite sucessfull, I also have a regular Full Leg, Bikini and underarm wax which always makes me feel like a new person.

Karon who has been my beautician for sometime now is always highly professional but also makes me feel like I am a friend and very welcome at every visit.

I think the most valuable thing you do is the range and diversity of treatments and products you recomend.

I have been asked many times over the years who does my legs etc and I have always been proud to say Beautology and I have recomended many people to try the services you offer.

Unfortunately, I had always experienced problems with my skin which has affected my self confidence. I saw April approximately 1 year ago for a consultation and since then I have been having regular facials.  She has also advised me on appropriate products to use at home.

April has really helped me, my skin is looking so much healthier and brighter, which in turn has boosted my confidence. I would like to say a BIG thank you to April.

The staff at Beautology are always very professional, trustworthy and helpful. I would recommend Beautology to anyone.

I have been treated so well by everyone at the Beautology team. They are all so helpful and friendly,giving me complimentary treatments as well as excellent advice. But best of all,they have restored my sagging face to a more youthful-looking appearance! I hope to continue with them for many years to come as I now feel I have a truly personal relationship with the therapists.

I have been a client since January 2013 and have found the staff very pleasant and efficient.  One thing that impressed me was a form which I was asked to complete with regard to health issues which I assume they refer to on occasions.  I was told there were certain treatments I wasn't able to have for a while and appreciated their honesty in this matter.  The treatment I have has also proved to be good.


Fab made me feel very at ease and relaxed, very Friendly atmosphere, clean , tidy professional Certainly recommend over anywhere else I\'ve been as somehow They even make waxing feel like u r having a relaxing treatment and there wax doesn't cause me the redness, itchy legs that I\'ve had from waxing at other places I only don't go as often as I would like to as disabled and have to. Rely on lifts from friends and family.

Also what's nice is they send regular news letters with big discounts and specials being Offered but no junk or pushy emails sent so I\'d give them a 100% recommendation.

Acne Reduction

"I received a good, honest advice regarding my acne problem. After years of seeing numerous GPs, I have finally started a treatment plan. Thank you!"

Advanced Prescriptive Facials

The Image Organic Facial was very relaxing and smelt divine! All the ingredients used in the products were completely natural and organic, perfect for my sensitive skin. Even weeks after the treatment, I was still receiving compliments about how great my skin looked. Thank you Louisa!

Advanced Prescriptive Facials

I tried one of your Signature facials. It was a revelation to me, as afterwards my dry dull skin looked easily 5 years younger.  It blurred fine lines, tightened pores, and left my skin feeling as smooth as silk. Try one, you will like it!

Anti Ageing

"With many years of outdoor activities my skin had started to age  and wrinkles were prominent. I came to Beautology for advice and after a thorough consultation I was recommended to enter the Q Programme. I am a complete convert, my skin is great, my wrinkles are non existent, It has taken years off me." 

Anti Ageing

I am a 47  year old mother of three, from Bristol, and I have been coming to Beautology for anti-ageing and skin rejuvenation treatments for over 15 years! The results have been fantastic, and I am constantly getting people who cannot believe how old I am, saying I look 30-35 years old. I now freely give out my age at every opportunity as I enjoy the compliments so much. The Beautology team are always professional, friendly and sincere. I have become a very loyal and thankful client.

Anti Ageing

"I’ve had several treatments over the last few months for my skin and none have had much of an effect. Today I had my first laser treatment with Alice and my skin feels great! Alice has done a wonderful job at making me feel at ease and doing the treatment itself."


"I had been prone to blackheads for years, so I asked my therapisyt at Beautology who recommended some microdermabrasion and prescriptive facial treatments. It absolutely did the trick. Fantastic."

Body Treatments and Massage

"Fabulous massage with Louisa, and had a lovely chat. Great service with very friendly staff all round. My mum was offered a complimentary eyebrow shape as well while she waited! Will come back again. Thanks."

Body Treatments and Massage

What a relaxing massage with Caroline, competely relieved me of my troubles from work. The mix of oils were just perfect for helping me unwind. And I did not feel sticky afterwards. Thanks!

Body Treatments and Massage

"I had problematic skin and I just didn't know what treatments or products I should use, so I came for a skin assessment at Beautology. My Therapist was fantastic, she talked me through my problems, explained what I was doing wrong and recommended treatment and products that would help. Six months later my skin is fantastic and I feel in control and confident that my skin problems will not return."

Body Treatments and Massage

"I treat myself to a full body remedial massage every month and the service I get from Beautology and all its staff is excellent. I highly recommend it."


"Beautology's muscle relaxing injection is the single most effective treatment I've ever had. It felt a bit unusual at the beginning, but I soon got used to it and the results are amazing."

Chemical Skin Peels

"I have found that mild chemical peels are a great way for my skin to be rejuvenated every month. I daren't think about what my skin would be without them."

Dermal Rollers

"In my teens I had bad acne and was left with terrible acne pits. I was recommended to Beautology and had a consultation. I started on a course of dermal roller treatments and my scars started to improve within a couple of weeks. My skin is normal now which is fantastic considering the starting point. Thank you Beautology."

Ear Piercing

" I promised my daughter that on her 13th birthday I would get her ears pierced. When the time came I looked around at facilities which did the treatment and came across Beautology on the internet. Cleanliness, hygeine and professionalism were the attributes I was looking for and I found them in abundance at Beautology. Great job and my daughter is thrilled. Thank you."


"I had a number of grey or white hairs on my chin and lip for a few years. The electrolysis treatments I had at Beautology had rid me of them permanently. The staff at Beautology are always very professional, excellent job."

Eye Treatments

"I always have my eyelash perm and tint at Beautology and they do it perfect every time. I am please to recommend Beautology."

Holistic Treatments

"I've had lots of treatments over the years and I can honestly say the single treatment I enjoy the most is reflexology. It sends me off to sleep every time. Roll on the next one."

Ingrowing Hairs

"Being an Afro Carribean male, I have suffered from ingrowing hairs for many years. Treatments at Beautology have fixed that. Thank you Beautology."

Laser and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)

"I had laser treatment at Beautology for rosacea and it worked really well."

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