Your Journey with Beautology in Bristol

In order for you to feel comfortable, knowledgeable and confident with regards to inquiring whether a treatment or treatment programme is right for you, our mission is to treat every client openly with the intention of providing you with the courtesy, respect, and dignity you deserve.

With this in mind we start your journey with a complimentary consultation with an expert, the purpose of which is to listen to your concerns and your goals, this is followed by a full assessment of the area of concern. When the Aesthetician has gathered all the facts, you will be advised of the best course of action to achieve your goals, giving you ample opportunity to ask any questions (Remember please be comfortable in the fact that we have seen and treated concerns such as yours every day, on all areas of the body and all kinds of people, so there's no need to be embarrassed or nervous, and also everything we discuss is totally confidential).

Advice as to treatments, home-care products, lifestyle and diet may all be given in order for you to be fully informed as to the fastest way to accomplish what you set out to achieve, what you decide to take on board is entirely up to you and we like to think we will encourage you in a supporting and non-judging manner.

You will be offered the opportunity consider the information in your own time with a written prescription and pre and aftercare advice sheet.

Once your decision has been made we will perform your treatments with care and attention, but also with an understanding and respect to your feelings and emotions along the way. People often find that years of concern and suffering will turn to joy and elation as goals are achieved confidence rises and ability to enjoy life improves (Tears of joy have been known to flow!) - this is the most pleasurable part of our role and we love being along for the ride!

We also find that informing you constantly of what we are doing and why we are doing it initially builds your confidence, but often as your trust in our ability and honourable intentions grows, so does your ability to relax, enjoy and accept great one client said: "Seventy minutes of treatment at Beautology is better than 8 hours sleep!"

We look forward to seeing you and helping you achieve your aesthetic goals!

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