Cryolipolysis - A revolution in non-surgical lipo reduction

Fat Freezing | 3D Lipomed
Fat Freezing | 3D Lipomed

  • The Latest Coolsculpting Technological Advances in Bristol
  • Cryolipolysis is a revolution cryo fat freezing and non-surgical lipo reduction in Bristol
  • Cryolipolysis Fat Freezing available in Bristol


What is Cryolipolysis?

Also known as 3D Lipomed, Cryolipo, Non-surgical Liposuction, Coolsculpting or Fat Freezing.

This is a revolutionary alternative to liposuction.

  • Procedure time: 1-2 hours
  • Back to work: Immediately
  • Anaesthetic: None required
  • Full recovery: Immediately
  • Sensitivity Period: 1-5 days estimated
  • Potential risks: Light bruising, tight skin


How Does 'Cryolipolysis' Work?

Harnessing the power of low temperatures, this treatment aims to help contour bodies when used in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle.

The therapist works a high-tech probe over the selected area, applying vacuum suction which creates a warm and then a cold sensation as the treatment takes effect.

Fat Freezing Body System

The fat cells are drawn into the treatment device, frozen and destroyed by the treatment and naturally removed by the bodies immune system.

It is important to point out that this is not a weightloss treatment, but a fat reducing treatment aimed at the exercise resilient areas of the body.

Coolsculpting | 3D Lipomed

How many sessions of 'Fat Freezing' are required?

Only one or two sessions are required.
Most improvement will be seen within 4-8 weeks.
Clients who have undergone the Cryolipolysis treatment can expect results lasting up to two years.
Book a consultation to find out more about Cryolypolysis.
Results may vary and Beautology can not guarantee specific results.

Cryolipolysis FAQs

Is Cryolipolysis the right treatment for me? CrossCircle

Cryolipolysis is not a weight loss solution, or a substitute for surgical methods such as liposuction. Clients may have noticed uneven fatty deposits in certain areas they would like to work on. Your therapist will determine if treatment is right for you during a one-on-one consultation.

What happens during the treatment? CrossCircle

You and your therapist will first select the area(s) to be treated. Your therapist will then position the Cryotherapy treatment device on your body. The device will then draw the fatty deposits up between two cooling panels, the sensation is a firm pull and pressure on the skin – the pull will be firm enough to ensure the selected tissue will be cooled most efficiently while still ensuring that you are comfortable.

What does it feel like? CrossCircle

During the first 5 minutes of the Cryotherapy treatment you will feel pressure and warmth on the skin and possibly a little discomfort, after this you will feel more of a cooling sensation. During the treatment process the feeling of discomfort soon dissipates, Many people read, work on their laptop or even take a nap during their treatment.

How long is the treatment? CrossCircle

During your consultation your therapist will discuss how much time should be allotted based on the area(s) you wish to be treated as discussed in your individual treatment plan. A typical treatment can last between 45minutes to one hour.

Can I return to normal activity after my treatment? CrossCircle

Yes you can. The procedure is completely non-surgical so typically you can return to normal activities immediately. Some patients can experience redness, minor bruising, tingling, numbness and/or discomfort in the treated area, but this is temporary and you will feel your normal self after a while. Often times patients return to work after the session is over.

Cryolipolysis Prices

Number of Cups Regular Price Voucher Price
1 £250 £150
2 £350 £250
3 £450 £350
4 £550 £400
5 £650 £500
6 £700 £550
7 £750 £600
8 £800 £650

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Before & After 'Fat Freezing' *

Coolsculpting | Cryolipo
Fat Freezing | Cryolipo Bristol


What areas can we treat with 'Fat Freezing'?

The procedure is effective at treating the following areas of the body:

  • Abdomen
  • Inner Thights
  • Outer thighs
  • Bra Area
  • Love Handles
  • Buttocks
  • Male Chest
  • Upper Back
  • Thighs

* Individual results may vary from client to client and outcomes are not guaranteed.
Please speak to one of our experts about your goals and what you can expect from your treatment.

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