If lines and wrinkles, scars, stretchmarks or pigmentation problems are getting you down? Then a Derma Roller treatment at Beautology's Bristol clinic might just be what you need!

What is Derma Roller Treatment?

Derma Rollers are devices which have the ability to naturally stimulate collagen and elastin production in the skin without damaging it. They can be used on both men and women for:-

Scars, wrinkles, stretch marks and uneven skin all have a lack of collagen! If your body would produce more collagen then you wouldn’t get them. Using a Derma Roller offers nature a helping hand by encouraging collagen production in the skin, which helps prevent or reverse their formation.

Even the stars of Hollywood are using cosmetic micro needling to give their skin a smooth and youthful glow. Probably the most famous celebrities reported to have had Derma Roller treatment are Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Skin micro-needling with the Derma Roller may be carried out safely on all types of skin and all skin colours.

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  A derma roller treatment

Due to their great results, comprehensive range and adaptability Derma Rollers are becoming one of the most popular treatments available at top level aesthetic clinics, finding out whether they can help you achieve your goals is only a free consultation away!


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Dermal Roller (Micro-needling) (60 mins)
Skin needling to stimulate the synthesis & production of collagen & elastin (Serum infused)
Suitable for anti-aging, pigmentation, scarring & acne pitting

Eye Zone £120   
Half Face £185    
Face £225
Face + Neck £245
Decollete £245
Face, Neck + Decollete £265


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The Next Step - Book a Derma Roller Free Consultation at Beautology in Bristol 

If you have any aesthetic concerns and wonder whether derma rollers can help then book a free derma roller consultation with one of our experts to get all your questions answered. A specialist will take you through possible treatments and design an individual treatment plan to suit your unique needs.

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What people say about derma roller treatment at Beautology in Bristol *

"I have had many anti-aging treatments over the years but I can honestly say the one that had the biggest effect is the derma roller. Whilst it is fairly uncomfortable to have done the results are well worth it."

Jill Fosset from Bristol *

"I have had acne pits since my acne disappeared in my early twenties and this year I decided to have them treated. The therapist told me about micro-needling which seemed a bit drastic but was hopefully worth it. The results have been fantastic, with even the pigmentation having disappeared. I highly recommend the treatment."

Kim Rose from Longwell Green *

Dermal Roller Treatment Video

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