Skin imperfections such as skin tags, milia, broken veins, rosacea, warts and verrucas can be embarrassing areas of concern for many people, yet are quickly, easily and painlessly be removed by electrolysis treatment.



Electrocautery, otherwise known as Electrolysis, is a proven technique in the beauty practitioner's toolkit which helps get rid of skin imperfections. 

Electrocautery is fast becoming the most popular treatment for the reduction of many skin blemishes including skin tags, milia, broken veins, rosacea, warts and verrucas.


  skin tagmilia



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Electrolysis can treat a number of different concerns including:



Thread Veins

Broken Capillaries

Skin Tags

Blood Spots



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Electrocautery uses a process wherby a tiny probe with an electrical current passing through is used to cut off the blood supply to the area of concern. A tiny impulse of energy is transmitted down the probe into the area. This energy creates a chemical reaction in order to achieve the desired result. This method accelerates healing with minimal pain and damage to the skin and offers immediate results, the growth just drops off over a few days. 





before skin tag treatmentafter skin tag treatment Before and after skin tag treatment


before and after electrolysis veins Electrolysis treatment for red veins *

before wart treatmentafter wart treatment Electrolysis treatment for warts *



"Over a period of years whiteheads started forming across my eyelids and forehead. I was so conscious of the disfigurement that I would wear thick make-up and a long fringe. I went to the doctor who said they were aesthetic so he couldn't do anything. I looked them up on the internet and found that Beautology could treat them. After two treatments of electrolysis, they had all disappeared and my life has changed. Thank you Beautology."

Nancy Atkinson from Bristol *

"Having worn glasses for years I started to get red veins showing on my nose which were ugly and unsightly. I had been to Beautology many times for other treatments so when I mentioned them to my therapist she quickly zapped them with her electrolysis machine. Since then I have had some milia done, some red blood spots and two skin tags. Electrolysis is truly a great treatment."

Marie Andrews from Westbury-On-Trym *

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We hope to RE-OPEN on 3rd August, and in accordance with Government guidelines, Beautology will re-open with:

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