Do you suffer from the dreaded orange-peel effect of cellulite? You are not alone!

cellulite on legs



Everyone has it, everyone hates it!

Cellulite is subcutaneous fat under the skin causing dimples on the surface. The appearance of lumpiness, widely known as the "cottage cheese" effect, is caused by fat deposits pushing the connective tissue underneath the skin. There are a number of factors including genetics, ageing and lifestyle that can cause this to occur.    


Endermologie is a proven technology to reduce cellulite and help to shape and contour your body. 



Endermologie treatment uses therapeutic massagers with specific manoeuvres working on various levels on the skin. Over a period of treatments a significant reduction in cellulite and enhanced skin texture are noticeable.

Endermologie's patented system uses rollers and valve treatment heads for lift and suction which gently pulls the skin. The pulled tissue is accurately targeted producing the required results through mecano-stimulation technology and is therefore 100% natural. This stimulation on the skin's surface sends signals to the cells within the fibroblasts (cells that make collagen) and fat cells provoking physiological responses, that stimulate the production of collagen, elastin and lipolysis.




 Endermologie 30 minutes £60 

Endermologie 50 minutes £80*


*courses are available (6 or more sessions) 


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"I've always suffered from cellulite on my thighs, but after my third child, I decided to do something about it. I got expert advice and decided to have a course of ten Endermologie treatments. The treatment itself was not painful and was like a deep massage. After the course, my cellulite has reduced by about 80% and now can barely be seen. I am having one maintenance treatment per month to keep the results."

Liz Evans from Bristol *

"For years, I have hated lying on the beach showing my cellulite hips and thighs until last year I had endermologie treatments alongside my diet and exercise program. The overall results have been excellent, far better than diet and exercise alone. Five stars!"

Pam Hart from Bath *

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COVID 19 Beautology Notice - 30th June 2020


I’m sure you are aware that plans are being made by the government for staged reductions of the Lock-down restrictions in the coming weeks and months, so the Beautology team’s attention has turned toward towards planning for FREEDOM DAY!

We hope to RE-OPEN on 3rd August, and in accordance with Government guidelines, Beautology will re-open with:

  1. Procedures and PPE for the health and safety of all clients and staff
  2. A staged progression towards ‘normality’ with:
    • A reduced work-force
    • Reduced ‘opening times’
    • Reduced Availability
    • Reduced Treatments

We will shortly be re-opening the diary and contacting clients from the Priority Waiting List in anticipation of the 3rd August.

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