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What is Laser or IPL treatment?

Laser or Intense Pulsed Light are intense beams of light that can transfer their energy through the skin to a specific part of the body or face. The strength of the laser or Intense Pulsed Light, and the frequency of the light used is changed depending on the type of tissue it must target and the goal it is trying to achieve. This range enables laser and IPL to achieve results that are simply not possible with other technologies.

What are the advantages of Laser & IPL?

Laser and IPL treatments are non-invasive and so leave no surgical scarring and there is little downtime after a treatment and minimal side-effects.

Lasers and Intense Pulsed Light can treat:- Active acne, permanent hair removal, acne scars, traumatic scars, stretchmarks, veins, lines and wrinkles, tattoo removal, skin rejuvenation, pigmentation (sun damage, sun spots, freckles, liver spots, age spots), warts, verrucas, rosacea, melasma and chloasma.

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Before & After Images *

before treatmentafter treatment Laser treatment for acne *before and after laser hair removal Laser treatment for permanent hair removal *tattoo removal Laser treatment for tattoo removal *


The Next Step - Book a free laser and IPL consultation at Beautology in Bristol

If you have any aesthetic concerns and are wondering whether laser or IPL treatment can help then book in for a free laser and IPL Consultation with one of our experts and get all of your questions answered. A specialist will take you through possible treatments and design an individual treatment plan to suit your unique needs.

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What people say about laser and IPL treatment at Beautology in Bristol *

"I had two main areas I wanted to improve when I first came to Beautology - the first was to have laser hair removal as I had very dark hair on my legs which I felt very conscious of.  I had to think twice about wearing skirts or shorts! The hair removal treatment feels strange at first but the more you have the more you get used to it and it is worth it for the results you get.   It does take several Laser Hair Removal sessions to be hair free but the results start to show after the first session.  I now only go to get rid of a few stubborn hairs!

The other treatment I have just started is derma roller to improve the condition of the skin on my face.  Again this is a strange sensation and a bit painful (although you can have anaesthetic) but it has improved my skin already. My aesthetician is fantastic and we have a good chat, in fact everyone is really friendly.  I just wish it was closer to home. 

I would recommend Beautology and they also reward you sometimes with vouchers and offers to use on other treatments especially one\'s that pamper you.  I especially like having facials and nail treatments (April if you're reading this).  The company itself is very innovative and listens to and acts on customer feedback which is always a good thing find out about the mytime ranges, it's a great way to save money."

Linzi Mitchell from Bristol *

 "I had three laser treatments at Beautology for my severe acne and the results were amazing. It has changed my life, I am more confident and sociable now than the last five years. 5 stars."

Melanie Webb from Little Stoke *


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