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Permanent Laser Hair Removal in Bristol : The People's Choice

More and more men and women are choosing laser hair removal because they are fed up of waxing, shaving or using smelly creams. Permanent laser hair Removal is simple, fuss free and effective, from chest and back to legs, face and bikini you can get the hair free, smooth skin you’ve always wanted, all year long.

In other words Permanent Laser Hair removal is a quick, easy and painless treatment that can remove hair permanently for men and women for all areas of the body.

April Hayward, Aesthetician and owner of Beautology Permanent Laser Hair Removal Clinic in Bristol explains all you need to know.

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So how does PERMANENT LASER HAIR REMOVAL actually work?

Permanent laser hair removal works through a series of laser treatments where the laser light beam targets the hair at the root (The follicle) beneath the skin’s surface to destroy it.

The light energy from the laser enters the skin and is absorbed by the melanin surrounding the hair follicle. Melanin is naturally present in the hair follicle, when targeted with the laser in the right stage of hair growth, this causes the hair follicle to overheat which damages the bulb, preventing further hair regrowth.

This process is called photothermolysis, and ensures the hair falls out permanently.

For best results a course of laser hair removal treatments is recommended to ensure all hairs are caught over the differing hair cycle growths.

Following each Permanent Laser hair removal treatment the hairs gradually fall out over the next seven to ten days, leaving the skin smooth and hair free - in other words ‘effective permanent hair reduction’.


Suitability for Permanent Laser Hair Removal

Suitability to treatment depends on different issues such as the taking of certain drugs, pregnancy, hair and skin type (very light hair is more difficult to remove), 

A free consultation is performed to determine suitability and answer all your questions. To find out if you’re are suitable for treatment book your consultation now

The most common areas for Hair Removal:

Face, including top lip, chin, jaw-line and neck

Legs (Including full leg, lower leg or upper leg) and Bikini Line (Including standard bikini, extended bikini and Hollywood – for men and women)

Underarms, forearms  and full arms

Back and shoulders

Chest, nipples and abdomen

Buttocks, peri-anal


What are the key benefits of Permanent Laser Hair Removal?

Long-term permanent hair reduction saves time and money on life-long repetitive, costly and painful treatments like waxing, shaving and threading.

On average only 8 sessions of 15-60 minutes are required for the permanent removal of hair resulting in year-round hair free smooth skin.

Some medical benefits include prevention of ingrown hairs which can lead to boils and abscesses, prevention of shaving rashes and cuts, prevention of pilo-nidal sinuses (A pilonidal sinus (PNS) is a small hole or tunnel in the skin. It may fill with fluid or pus, causing the formation of a cyst or abscess. It occurs in the cleft at the top of the buttocks. A pilonidal cyst usually contains hair, dirt, and debris. It can cause severe pain and can often become infected).

Also the psychological element of excess or unwanted hair growth cannot be underestimated.

In summary:

  • Effective, permanent hair reduction
  • Virtually painless and safe
  • Improved skin resilience
  • Faster treatment - treats large areas in a single session
  • Proven clinical results
  • Simultaneous destruction of hundreds of hair follicles!
  • Beautology uses only properly trained and certified personnel to carry out the procedure

Permanent Hair Reduction for the Face & Body


Tier (Treatment prices are per area)

1. Glabella (Between Eyebrows) or Earlobes or Nose £50
2. Lip or Small Chin or Navel Line or Nipples or Cheekbones £74
3. Large Chin or Underarms or Standard Bikini or Hands+Fingers or Feet+Toes £94
4. Lip+Chin or Chin+Jawline or Extended Bikini or Shoulder Blades              £119
5. Brazilian or Lower Arms or Upper Arms or Abdomen or Shoulders or Upper Lip+Chin+Jawline £149
6. Chest or Buttocks or Beard/Half Face or Half Back or Hollywood+Peri Anal or Bikini+ Underarms £160
7. Hollywood+Underarms or Full Face or Lower Legs or Upper Legs £200
8. Full Back or Full Arms or Full Face+Neck                                £243
9. Full Leg or Full Back+Shoulders or Abdomen+Chest+Shoulders   £290
10. Full Body  
a. Women’s Full Body (Excludes Face) – Includes Full Legs, Full Arms, Any Bikini, Navel Pubis, Peri-anal, Underarms  £584
b. Women’s Full Body + Face – Includes Full Face, Half Legs (Upper or Lower), Half Arms (Upper or Lower), Any Bikini Line, Navel Pubis, Peri-anal, Underarms  £584

c. Men’s Body – Includes Chest, Abdomen, Navel Pubis, Full Back,  Shoulders, Upper Arms

11. Ultimate Full Body  
a. Women’s Ultimate Full Body – Includes Full Face, Neck, Chest, Abdomen, Navel Pubis, Full Back, Shoulders, Arms, Underarms, Full Legs, Buttocks, Any Bikini Line, Peri-anal  £754
b. Men’s Ultimate Full Body – Includes Chest, Abdomen,  Navel Pubis, Full  Back, Shoulders, Full Arms, Underarms, Full Legs, Any Bikini Line, Peri-anal £754

Special course prices are available for a minimum of 6 sessions.


"Having hair free skin is fantastic! Laser hair removal at Beautology in Bristol is one of the best things I've ever done. It was quick and easy, the practitioners are excellent and the results are fantastic. I was wondering whether I could afford it, but now that I’ve had it done I’m so glad I took the plunge.""Having hair free skin is fantastic! Laser hair removal at Beautology is one of the best things I've ever done. It was quick and easy, the practitioners are excellent and the results are fantastic. I was wondering whether I could afford it, but now that I’ve had it done I’m so glad I took the plunge."

Geeta M 30 yrs from Kingswood, Bristol

Your Permanent Hair Removal Questions Answered...

What happens following laser hair removal treatment?

There is very little recovery time from Laser Hair Removal, though you may have some redness following the treatment which may last between one to eight hours.

During the following 48 hours, avoid any heat treatments such as saunas and hot showers and avoid exposure to direct sunlight. We recommend using a high SPF on exposed areas.

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