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What is Ultrasound?

Ultrasonic treatment uses high level sound waves to penetrate deep below the surface of the skin to: promote cellular renewal and repair, tone muscles, increase blood circulation, encourages lymphatic drainage (cleanse toxins) and improves product penetration.

Ultrasound is safe and painless and can be used on the face and body including: face, neck, arms, breasts, stomach, waist, hips, buttocks and legs.

Ultrasound is used to plump up and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, tighten sagging skin, relieve puffy eyes, reduce the appearance of cellulite, improve acne, tighten enlarged pores, fade dark eye circles and puffiness and swelling, freckles and old age spots, refines large pores and even repair scar damage. 

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Ultrasound before and after images *

Ultrasound face treatment *

ultrasound_facial_bristolUltrasound facial treatment *

Ultrasonic Cavitation treatment on the bum and thighs *

Ultrasound Treatment Prices at Beautology in Bristol

 REDUCE  - Slimming, Cellulite & Body Contouring Treatments

Reduce treatments can be booked individually, however for optimum and lasting results, we recommend a course followed by a monthly maintenance treatment

Body Ultimate A combination of micro-currents to improve muscle tone and reduce inches 

Maintenance: 30 mins £65 50 mins £80        

LPG Endermologie mechanical deep tissue and lymphatic draining massage to target fat cells, smooth the appearance of cellulite, tone the skin, re-sculpt the body and improve circulation.

Maintenance: 30 mins £60 50 mins £80

Cavitation Ultra sound waves break down stubborn fatty cells and increase penetration of active ingredients into the deeper cells, reducing fat and inch loss     1 Area £80 (20 Mins)

Maintenance: 1 Area £80 (20 Mins)  2 Areas £100 (40 Mins) 3 Areas £120 (60 Mins) 

Personalized Reduce Package by our Body Therapists     2 courses: 15% Off            3 courses: 20% Off


The Next Step - Book a free ultrasound treatment consultation at Beautology in Bristol

If you have concerns and believe that Ultrasound treatment could be of help then book in for a free ultrasound consultation with one of our experts and get all your questions answered. A specialist will take you through possible treatments and design an individual treatment plan to suit your unique needs.

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What people say about ultrasound treatment at Beautology in Bristol *

"I had ultrasound treatment for inch loss and cellulite and the results were far better than I expected."

Michaela Pulman from Weston-Super-Mare *

"I had sagging facial skin creating lines and wrinkles so I had Ultrasound treatment at Beautology. The skin tightening effect was excellent which dramatically reduced the lines and wrinkles."

Gabby Harris from Bristol *


* Individual results may vary from client to client and outcomes are not guaranteed.
Please speak to one of our experts about your goals and what you can expect from your treatment.

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