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If your age spots are increasing number and causing concern then Beautology's range of age spot treatments may be just what you need!

What are Age Spots, Sun Spots & Liver Spots?

If you go out in the sun without fully protecting your skin, your skin is likely to change over time as increasing numbers of freckles will appear on your skin, these freckles are generally known as 'sun spots', liver spots or age spots. These spots are essentially damage to the skin resulting in pigments making the skin look worn and aged. People over the age of 40 years start to have increasing numbers of such spots which are harmless and painless.

What do sun spots look like?
Sun spots are normally flat light brown, red or even black flecks similar to freckles on areas with the highest exposure to the sun's rays such as the face, shoulders, back, hands and arms. Colour is dependent upon skin tone and the amount of sun exposure. Medical terms for such spots are Solar Lentigines, Solar keratosis and Actinic Keratosis which may become rough and raised areas of the skin. Some actinic keratoses may develop into a type of skin cancer.

You are more likely to develop actinic keratoses if you:

  • Have fair skin, blue or green eyes, blond or red hair
  • Had a kidney or other transplant
  • Take medicines that suppress the immune system
  • Spend a lot of time each day in the sun (for example, if you work outdoors)
  • Had many, severe sunburns early in life
  • Are older

What are the symptoms of Actinic keratosis?
Actinic keratosis is usually found on the face, scalp, back of the hands, chest, or other sun-exposed areas. They begin as flat and scaly areas whose color can be grey, pink, red, or your skin's colour and may have a white or yellow crusty “scale” on top. As it ages it can develop a hard and wart-like or gritty, rough, surface and may be easier to feel than see.

Signs and tests
Skin biopsies may be performed to check that it is not cancer, and if not can be treated with technologies such as skin peels and laser.

Treatment for age spots, sun spots and liver spots at Beautology in Bristol

Beautology has a variety of treatments available to remove age spots, sun spots and liver spots such as:


Microdermabrasion is a crystal or diamond tipped mechanical exfoliation which gently resurfaces the outer layers of the skin removing damaged cells and stimulating the skin's natural cell regenerating process. This then promotes the development of healthy cells, collagen and elastin leaving healthy, natural, smooth and youthful skin (Read more).

Skin Peels

As part of keeping healthy the skin is constantly shedding, however when certain chemicals are used to peel the skin off at a faster rate than normal, new skin replaces the old. This new skin is smoother, less wrinkled and clearer with less blemishes than the older skin that was removed (Read more).

Laser and IPL

Lasers and IPL are intense beams of light that can transfer its energy through the skin to a specific part of the body or face. The strength and the frequency of the light used differs depending on the type of tissue it must target which enables laser and IPL to achieve results that are simply not possible with other technologies (Read more).

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before and after pigmentation treamentBefore and after treatment on the decollette

before and after pigmentation treament Before and after treatment on the face

before and after pigmentation treatment Before and after treatment on the back of hands

before sun spotbefore sun spotafter treatment Before, during and after treatment


Age spot, sun spot and liver spot removal treatment prices in Bristol

Level 1 Skin Treatment

ILLUMINATING SPA FACIAL (65mins) an indulgent bespoke relaxing facial treat full of delicious smells of essential oils and nutrients including back, hand and arm massage £80
SIGNATURE FACIAL (50 mins) vitamin infused treatment to nourish brighten & lighten skin Suitable for sensitive rosacea dry/ dehydrated and environmentally damaged skin £75
CLARIFYING FACIAL A purifying treatment suitable for oily, acne & teenage skin £75
DERMA RENEW (50mins) a deep cleansing, resurfacing treatment based on natural AHA THAT IS DERIVED FROM blueberries oranges lemons and sugar cane £75
DIAMOND TIP MICRODERMABRASION instant skin resurfacing and deep cleansing. Skin is left feeling soft smooth and glowing.  
Face £62 Face + Neck £77 Face, Neck + Decoll £93
NON SURGICAL FACE LIFT micro current stimulates the facial muscles, giving a lifting, firming effect. Skin looks youthful plumped and radiant.  
Eye-lift £44 Ultimate Eye-lift £61 Face + Neck £63 Face, Neck + Decoll £77
LED FACIAL ( light emitting diode) LED light stimulates the skin to refresh itself by supercharging the cells and speeding up the repair mechanisms. Can be used to address a number of skin concerns including ageing, acne and pigmentation. £62

Simple skin exfoliation and facial hair removal

Great for extra hydration,acne concerns, anti ageing & Pigmentation

Give your skin an extra boost with Dermaplaning followed by a skin peel. The Ultimate skin exfoliation.



Level 2 Skin Treatment

CLINICAL COUTURE LIFT PEELS A range of bespoke results driven facial peels combining the most innovative and effective products to: Resurface, Rebuild, Realance & Revitalize the skin  
Suitable for all skin types including ageing, oily, problematic, unbalanced, congested, sun damaged, rosacea, dehydration, sensitive & dull looking skin.  

Clinical Couture Lift Peel (40mins)

Derma Renew Lift Peel (65mins)

Ormedic Peel (Non Chemical) suitable during pregnancy (40mins)

Eye Zone Peel (35 mins)






Level 3 Skin Treatment

CLINICAL COUTURE DESIGNER LIFT PEEL + (50mins). Our advanced professional peel to address your personal skin needs for advanced wrinkles, aggressive acne & advanced sun damage £140
RADIO FREQUENCY RF energy heats skin tissue and stimulates sub dermal collagen production improving skin laxity, resulting in a more youthful plumper tighter skin.  
Face £140 Face+Neck £180
Face+Neck+Decollete £200


Level 4 Skin Treatment

NLITE V LASER Proven results for treatment for: Acne, acne scarring, skin rejuvenation.  
Eye Zone £135 Hands £155 Face £245 Face+ Neck £260
Vascular & Birthmarks: Small £135 Medium £185 Large £240
IPL PHOTO REJUVENATION - IPL (Intense Pulse Light) is a technology used to perform aesthetic skin photo rejuvenation which treats pigmentation, sun damage, thread veins and scarring. £175
DERMAL ROLLER (micro needling) known as Collagen Therapy. Dermal Roller is a cosmetic procedure which uses very short needles, that are rolled over the skin, this technique helps to promote collagen which as a tightening plumping effect on the skin, improves scarring (Incl .Stretchmarks) and reduces pore size.  
Eye Zone or Back of Hands £125 Half Face £190 Face £230 Face + Neck £250 Decollete£250
Face, Neck + Decollete£270 Body Scarring & Stretchmarks £230 (Additional areas £100/area)
ADVANCED ELECTROLYSIS Cauterization of skin imperfections on face and body  
Millia, blood spots, skin tags: Small-£65 Medium-£100 Large-£150
Warts, capillaries, anginomas: Small £75 Medium £115 Large £155
LASER - Face and Body Veins, Capillaries, Pigmentation, single & multiple large Warts, Verrucas  
Small £100 Medium £140 Large £180



The Next Step - A sun spot, age spot or liver spot free consultation in Bristol

If you are concerned about sun spots, liver spots or age spots then book a free consultation with one of our experts and get all your questions answered. A specialist will take you through possible treatments and design an individual treatment plan to suit your unique needs.

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What people say about sun spot, age spot or liver spot removal at Beautology in Bristol:-

"Good assortment of treatments to answer all kind of beauty needs included effective anti-ageing technology. Great atmosphere, a pampering experience indeed!"

Anna Gonzalez from Bristol 

"Excellent, offering very personalised care. Having tried several in the area this place wins hands down on the treatments available and the level of service." 

Ann Edmondson from Bristol

"Years of sun worshiping has seen my body age dramatically over the last few years. A consultation at Beautology and a course of treatments has rejuvenated my skin and removed all those unsightly sun and age spots pigmentation. Thank you Beautology."

Alex Saunders from Bristol

"I am very good at looking after my facial skin, however my chest and arms started to look old with lots of freckles and pigmentation. My friend told me about Beautology so I came for a consultation. They recommended a course of skin peels and the results have been amazing. Beautology are the best!"

Linda Best from Bristol

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